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"A rise in gun violence in Chicago has left more than 300 people dead. One victim's mother is using faith to fight the violence. Mary Long's son Eric was killed but she is turning her anger into action by inviting others to pray for troubled youth and to walk a prayer labyrinth. Long has dealt with drug addiction and prison, and now her son's loss, but she is committed to changing things for the better. "My hope is that people can get focused and God-centered so they can...find out what God wants each and every person to do, in and out of the community, to help stop violence." Long finds support from her home church, Ingleside-Whitfield United Methodist. She says she knows her son would want her to help end the killing. "It's like his spirit is pushing me, I hear his voice saying, 'Ma, you know what you gotta do.'"
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"Inspired by walking a labyrinth while in prison, Mary Long later lost a son to gun violence and has dedicated her life to ministry in her community through Ingleside-Whitfield United Methodist Church. She's joined by other women who have lost loved ones to gun violence."
"The Youngest Chanter"
Young people helped lead Sacred Ground Ministries' annual Back To School Peace Rally, Prayer, and March on August 22, 2015 through the Grand Crossing neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.
"We Taking It Back!"
"One School At a Time!"