Mission: To mentor at-risk youth and young adults through educational, recreational, and employment opportunities. 

Vision: To build a coalition of diverse churches to partner with local schools             for the betterment of the community.

Goal: To invest in our children                             and communities  and to be proactive           using preventive measures to                           take back violence-infested                       neighborhoods, school by school.

-To fund Special Events (parent forums, parent and teacher ,                                                                                                          appreciation, anti-violence marches and rallies, and school supplies.)

Parternship and Investment in the Community

Sacred Ground seeks to partner with businesses in the wider                             community to meet the following unmet organizational needs:

-To hire Tutors (5 days a week from 10am-3pm)

-To hire a full-time Mentorship Coordinator that will recruit, train and supervise volunteers     (i.e., college students, interns, alumni, church members, the community, seniors, etc.)

- To hire 2 part-time Restorative Justice & Peace Circle facilitators to focus                                                 on social emotional issues for students impacted by tragedy.

- To hire a School Counselor to work primarily on facilitating college entry. 

                          -To fund the Eric Edwin Williams'Determined Spirit Award  for                                                                                             scholarships  for students who are going to college.



Since its inception,                                       Sacred Ground has empowered:

–100 people in anti- violence awareness, involving  local businesses, anti-violence marches,  and voter registration.

–200 students at Hirsch Metropolitan         High School  to  improve reading and academic performance and expand student leadership opportunities.


Sacred Ground Ministries is an anti-violence organization that promotes peace, social    consciousness, and community awareness.  

In 2012, Sacred Ground partnered with                     Hirsch Metropolitan High School in Chicago's     Grand Crossing community, where it has initiated mentoring programs, student workshops, and more.

The Grand Crossing community is disproportionately impacted by poverty, violence, and teen pregnancy. When youth have meaningful relationships             with adult mentors, they are 5 times more likely         to graduate high school;  35% less likely to begin using drugs; and 52% less likely to be truant.